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Meet The Chef
Kevin Mougin, Executive Chef

Kevin Mougin, Executive Chef

My inspiration

With it's rigorous climate and seasonal cycle, Quebec is gifted with unique fauna and flora. It's pastures, mountains, lakes, and ocean bring some of the most praised species: fresh-water fish, majestic herds, wild berries, forest mushrooms, pines…

Thousand miles south, tucked in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Polynesian cuisine brings a wide variety of specialties and striking contrast. The blue lagoons offer an incredible variety of delicate and fresh fish, and the hot and humid tropical climate is particularly well-suited to growing fruit and vegetables with zesty colors and tastes.

I'm very fortunate to work alongside with pasty Chef, Sylvain Vivier. His approach to pastry and desserts is unique and flavors are un-matched. He masters visual aesthetics with colorful and very elegant dishes.

Our creative dishes, inspired by a tropical breeze, are balanced and vibrant for your greatest enjoyment!